The war in Iraq makes it clear that the rich, filthy ruling class of Amerika - Wall Street speculators, monopoly corporations, insurance companies and banks - will not fail to carry out any heinous misdeed for greed.  The war in Iraq is a key front in the Amerikan rich classes attempt to remain the world's chief exploiter.  The only real winners of decades of U.S. war mongering are the sell out “suits” that run big business and their bought and paid for lapdog politicians.

To remain the top exploiter of the planet, Amerika's rulers are compelled to wage the bloody war in Iraq.  To continue to "rape in" profits off the backs of peasants, small businesses, workers and professionals around the world the rich Amerikan ruling class wages the war in Iraq 

To continue to be "boss hog" over all the other robber baron countries like France, Japan, Britain, China and Russia, the rich Amerikan ruling class must fight to maintain economic, political and military dominance around the globe.  Economics includes natural resources and that of course includes oil.

Various leaders and apologists of the rich U.S. ruling class claim that the war in Iraq is being fought to establish liberty, and democracy in Iraq. 

If these hypocrites are truly dedicated to liberty and democracy then why do U.S. laws like the Patriot Act allow premise searches, and confiscation of both library and rental records without prior court approval?  Or why does U.S. law allow unlimited detainment without a trial?  If establishing liberty, and democracy in Iraq, is the motivation of the Amerikan rulers then why did the U.S. CIA put the murderous Chilean dictator Pinochet in power?  Why did Amerika back the torturing regimes of the dictators Marcos in the Philippines and the Shah in Iran.

The rich use jingoist politicians of both major parties - like Republican John McCain and Democrat Hilary Clinton - to support and fund their depraved wars for control and profits.  The rich U.S. war makers rely upon mouthpieces like the Washington Post, Fox News, NPR and CNN to sell, and cheerlead for, their horrible actions.

The war in Iraq is just one in a 200+ year litany of unjust colonial wars waged by Amerikan rich class rulers against 3rd world peoples in their drive for super profits.

It's the same need for super profits in 3rd world countries that underpins the discrimination and brutalization of U.S. minorities like blacks, Hispanics, other non-whites and women.  The rich establishment promotes racist and sexist ideas to justify their super oppression of these groups and 3rd world countries.  And they get the added bonus of making whites and males think they are not getting ripped off and taken advantage of in this profit mad setup.

We must unite, organize, petition, march, strike, and more to make it loud and clear that we refuse to go along with Wall Street wars to dominate the world, like the Amerikan war to control Iraq.

We have come to the point in world history where everyone across the planet can enjoy a decent, free and fulfilling life without rich gangster rulers who rip off their common people, toss them crumbs and wage war against innocents and the gangster rich of other lands in order to further engorge themselves.

Let us oppose wars benefiting the rich like the U.S. Iraq war in order not to spend our lives, and the lives of future generations facing a wretched world of nearly perpetual gangster wars of aggression waged against the common people around the world by criminal monopoly corporations, Wall Street speculators, insurance companies and banks.

We must demand that the U.S. immediately leave Iraq as part of a movement to end all war for once and for all. We must demand that the U.S. get out of Iraq as one step in the worldwide revolutionary struggle that will end the rule of the rich across the planet, and establish a global society that eliminates ALL exploitation and oppression of ALL humanity.



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