The current Immigrant crisis is an outgrowth of vicious, capitalist, world-wide, profit driven, economic, restructuring schemes with nice sounding names like “globalization,” “free trade” and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  While this scheme has created over 200 million immigrants world wide, the most visible current face of this crisis is millions of Mexicans and their supporters demonstrating in More than 140 U.S. cities.  They are demonstrating against impending passage of laws that will make felons of them and all who support them, will deny them social services, further militarize the U. S. Mexican border, and more.  


NAFTA, which was passed in 1994, promised more and better jobs for Mexicans in Mexico.  Instead it drove countless Mexicans off their land, robbed them of self-sufficiency, forced U.S. products down their throats and forced them into nightmarishly horrible working and living conditions in U.S. plants, just inside Mexico.


These capitalist crimes, taken together, have forced Millions of Mexicans to make the perilous trek, for survival and a better life, across a border drawn with the blood of their ancestors when in 1848 the U.S. took fully half of Mexico in the Mexican-American War.    


The capitalist and imperialist are hell bent on exploiting cheap labor whether through exporting jobs to cheap labor markets importing cheap labor, enslaving Blacks in prisons or enslaving Middle Easterners on Haliburton jobs in the Iraqi War. Each and every U.S. House or Senate version of any immigrant bill (including Bush’s guest worker sham) is a variation on the theme of how best to exploit labor for greater profits for their rich masters. 


At the root, the problem is not Mexicans taking Black and white worker’s jobs or driving down wages and such, but it is the problem of the capitalist structure of society which, in a world of obvious plenty, converts human and material resources to private profits.  The working class is one world wide class whether Latino, Black, White, Asian or Middle Eastern. Total emancipation from exploitation and oppression can only be achieved when the workers, oppressed and their allies, world-wide, stand together and thoroughly smash the capitalist system and replace it with a system that puts the needs of people first.  Let’s end all exploitation of humans by humans!!!


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Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Party – RISP