·         Unlimited detention, psychological and physical torture and murder at Abugraib, Guantanamo and other U.S. prisons.  Even 91 of 100 members of that corrupt lapdog for the rich, the US Senate, voted to halt the torture that the twin headed evil Bush/Cheney vociferously insist upon having the right to carry out.

·         “Rendition” where the FBI, CIA and Defense department secretly moves people around the world to locations where it tortures them with impunity.

·         The FBI, CIA and Defense department hands people over to foreign regimes that they know will torture them for alleged crimes.

·         Unlimited detention in the U.S. using the cover of alleged immigration violations.

·         Unlimited detention based on the designation of “enemy combatant”, a status contrary to all international rules and laws.

·         Criminal negligence, leading to untold human misery and vicious racism due to hurricane Katrina:

o        Before because of lack of adequate funding for flood management and preparation.

o        During because of the snail like response to human suffering.

o        After because of the plans to keep the most oppressed from returning, not providing employment to evacuees and exploitation of foreign born workers in rebuilding New Orleans.

·         Preemptive war (as with Iraq) which is precisely what many Nazis where successfully prosecuted for in the Nuremberg trials after WWII.

·         Fascist surveillance that chills the human democratic right to think freely to pursue and promote scientific inquiry, knowledge and truth.  For example: premise searches by the FBI and other agencies without warrants, searches of personal library and rental store records, etc.  Democratic rights are fundamental to creating the foundation for liberating humanity.  We must not allow this to happen to us, much less to our fellow oppressed working class, student, farmer, small business, professional, and peasant sisters and brothers around the world.


We must use teach-ins, petitions, rallies, demonstrations, strikes, and all forms of expression including the arts to mobilize the masses of everyday people in their tens of millions in U.S. and worldwide to force the Bush/Cheney torturers and murderers to resign.  We must do this in order to halt Bush and Cheney’s psychotic, criminal worsening of the in many cases already brutal, exploitation and oppression the people around here and abroad face.

Let us have no illusion that forcing Bush and Cheney to leave office for their crimes will end the oppression and  repression faced by us daily by in this hell hole profit driven society, however we must strive to make the battlefield, both here and around the world, as favorable to us as we can in order to be liberated from the claws and jaws of exploitation as soon as possible.  We must not allow the terrain of the battlefield to worsen against our just cause.

By forcing Bush and Cheney out of office we may be able to open up the battlefield against the rich and their monopoly corporate serving profit system.  This benefits the people’s movements both here in the US and around the globe in the struggle against exploitation and oppression in order to secure a decent war free life.

Bush and Cheney should be made to pay for their crimes.  Demanding that Bush/Cheney get out should be like teeth to the gums of demanding that U.S. and international courts indict and place Bush and Cheney on trial for their dastardly deeds.

Let’s use movement to remove Bush and Cheney from office to create a world free of the gangster profit system in Amerika--the wage slave system that has made obscene profits off the backs of the common folk for hundreds of years and continues to do so today with Bush/Cheney as its chief executives.  Let’s end the greed and me first moral corruption this system thrives upon and build a new world that abolishes classes to eliminate ALL exploitation and oppression.  This we must do to finally liberate humanity across the planet from the ruthless reign of monopoly capitalism.


Create Public Opinion – Organize – Seize Power!

Break Out Break Free – Liberate Humanity!

Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Party – RISP